The following bio is a bit different from the norm, however, while it does not consist of the typical line items of achievements, every word of it is true and without embellishment. Following by the grace of God is the inspiration behind the development of what has become The Country Club of Life.

If I were to be viewed by the worlds standards I would fall into the category of "failure, "loser," "unsophisticated," along with many other adjectives I've been labeled that would not be proper to list in this context. However, along the way I heard a sermon where the preacher said, God knew exactly the way your life would go before He ever created you. Yet He created you anyway because He had a specific purpose for your life that when discovered would glorify Him.  Being thatunsophisticated guy, I had no comeback.

Born March 26, 1953, in Stamford, Connecticut, my family lived in a three family home owned by my aunt and uncle in the Italian section of town.  I use the word home since I didnt realize until I was older that my fathers family really didnt have a lot.  My uncle had a large garden behind the garage.  Many meals were homemade. My fathers brothers and sisters all had roles in the family.  One uncle was the painter, the other a carpenter and my father took care of the plumbing and heating.  One sister made a lot of the family's clothes while his other sister spoiled us. She and my uncle both worked and as kids we all thought they were rich. They, of course, weren't but they were incredibly generous.

When I was eleven, my parents bought a home whose backyard looked into a fairway of the town golf course.  My father brought me to that golf course so I could begin caddying and earning money and where I would see baseball legend Jackie Robinson come to play 9 holes several afternoons each week during the summers.  I began practically living at the course caddying and playing the game, it really became a part of me and it seemed I had been given a God-given gift at it. By the time I was fifteen I was shooting in the 70's most rounds yet I had no formal training.  We dug our games out of the dirt as the expression goes.  In June of that year, 1968, Lee Trevino came to play the club the Saturday before he would win his first of two United States Opens. I remember it was the day of Robert Kennedys funeral. I came to know Lee and I would see him several times a year for the next 6 years.  He was a cool guy and I wanted to be just like him.

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