DISCLAIMER: The Country Club of Life™ (here-in-after referred to as, “The CC of Life™”) is a virtual life coaching and training environment designed for non-golfers and golfers alike first introduced in book form in 2003. Its techniques and methods are rooted in its belief in an Intelligent Design. Why? Through many years of clinical observation and research along with working with hundreds of people for over forty years, we have seen clearly that knowing “Whose” we are is primary to discovering “Who” we are. We have countless proof that it’s only in discovering where we came from that we can successfully determine where we’re going and can draft a workable game plan of achievement for our students. This being stated, The CC of Life™ does not reject other findings and opinions and does not attempt to change the findings and opinions of contrarians. The CC of Life™ operates solely from a position of attraction - not promotion or opposition. Experience has shown there are many people who want what we offer making it unnecessary to debate the pundits.


A CLUB WITHOUT REAL ESTATE: The CC of Life™ is registered with the United States Golf Association, USGA, as a “Club Without Real Estate.” In this capacity The CC of Life™ is listed in the USGA’s directory along with clubs throughout the US. The United States Golf Association,USGA, is an organization of 8,000 clubs, courses and qualified practice facilities serving all golfers as the national governing body for the game. A USGA club membership supports the work of the USGA and provides information and materials to enhance your golf program. To be eligible for USGA Club Membership the club, course or qualified practice facility must fit into one of three distinct categories: Golf Course, Club Without Real Estate, or Training Facility. New members must also agree to its provisions of the USGA By-Laws.


WHY WE USE GOLF’s PRINCIPLES: There’s a saying; “Golf is 90% mental”. Yet, just about no one practices the mental game. Then again, few really have a winning and achievable mental game for life either. In both games we are creatures of habit and environment. Imagine if people actually played the game of life using the same principles used when playing the game of golf? How different the world would be. There’s a saying when it comes to the reverence given the game of golf, “If a person cheats at life – they MIGHT cheat at golf. However, if a person cheats at golf – they will DEFINITELY cheat at life.” Fact is and our years of testing has proven, that when people manage life using the principles to manage golf, if they play golf their golf games will actually improve dramatically.

THE COURSES: The CC of Life™ is composed of 2 virtual courses, a “Beginner/Refresher” and a “Championship”.  The “Beginner/ Refresher” is made up of 9 holes and the “Championship” is 18 challenging holes, both designed as roadmaps for staying on course playing the game of life. Caddies (accountability relationships), are a must. These layouts are far too demanding and their design deceptions are far too daunting to tackle without the assistance of local knowledge.

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