The CC of Life is registered with the United States Golf Association, USGA, as a Club Without Real Estate. In this capacity our club is registered in the USGAs directory along with clubs throughout the US. The United States Golf Association, USGA, is an organization of 8,000 clubs, courses and qualified practice facilities serving all golfers as the national governing body for the game. A USGA club membership supports the work of the USGA and provides information and materials to enhance your golf program. To be eligible for USGA Club Membership the club, course or qualified practice facility must fit into one of three distinct categories: Golf Course, Club Without Real Estate, or Training Facility. New members must also agree to provisions of the USGA By-Laws.



The Country Club of Life™ - Club Without Real Estate By-Laws


SECTION 1: Classes of Members
The Club shall be composed of three classes of members, as follows:
(a) Golf Members
(b) Non-Golf Members

(c) Honorary Members


SECTION 2: Membership

(a) Application for class of membership shall be made on platforms provided by the club. An applicant shall agree that its application is subject to approval or rejection at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Application shall be accompanied by the payment of dues for the current year.

(b) Upon approval of an application by an officer or employee of the club appointed by the Executive Committee for the purpose, the applicant shall become a member of the club subject to ratification by a two-thirds vote of all members of the Executive Committee.

(c) Annual dues for membership shall be payable on January 1. Dues shall not be pro-rated for any part of the year. However, dues for the current year shall be waived in the case of a new application effective after September 1 of such year, provided that dues for the next year accompany the application.

(d) Membership shall be automatically continuous unless interrupted by written resignation or expulsion. Members shall be liable for all dues accruing to the date of such resignation or expulsion.


SECTION 3: Obligations and Conduct

(a) The acceptance of membership in the club binds each member of the club, to uphold all the provisions of the Governing Entity’s - Certificate of Incorporation and By-Laws and other rules and to accept and enforce all rules and decisions of the Executive Committee acting within its jurisdiction.

(b) Any member failing in its obligations as above set forth (other than payment of dues) may be suspended or expelled by a two-thirds vote of all members of the Executive Committee, provided such member shall have been given due notice of the charge or charges preferred against it and an opportunity to be heard in its own defense.

(c) Any member failing to pay its dues when due, has been given written notice of such nonpayment and fails to pay such dues within 60 days after such notice may be suspended from the privileges of membership by notice given by an officer or employee of the club appointed by the Executive Committee for the purpose and may be expelled by a two-thirds vote of all members of the Executive Committee without further notice.

(d) Any member suspended or expelled by vote of the Executive Committee may appeal by written notice to the Executive Committee. If the appeal is decided in favor of the appellant and the decision of the Executive Committee is reversed, then the status of the Member or the eligibility of its individual members affected by such decision shall thereupon be restored.

(e) Rules of this club and any other club where the member is a representative of this club shall be strictly adhered to.

(f) Any infraction of conduct brought by signed correspondence to the attention of the Executive Committee shall be reviewed with a recommendation for dismissal of the charges a reprimand, a fine, probation, suspension or expulsion from membership. Actions to be taken shall be determined, imposed, and enforced by the Executive Committee.

(g)Any member who willfully or otherwise violates the rules of the club or who shall so demean themselves as to be unworthy of the privileges of a member will be reprimanded, placed on probation, suspended, or expelled from membership as appropriate. In the case of reprimands, a written notice of such will be sent to the member involved with a copy being placed in that members file. Members involved in disciplinary actions resulting in proposals to place on probation, suspend, or terminate membership will also be notified in writing of the action pending and their right to appear before the Executive Board before action is finalized. In the case of proposed termination of membership, it will be required that either a written complaint be received signed by one (1) or more members or termination action be originated by a majority vote of the Executive Board.






[i] Game Of Life Foundation, GOLF is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation and is the “Governing Entity” of The Country Club of Life™.



© Copyright 2020 The Country Club of Life
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