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The Country Club of Life is a unique 27-hole layout consisting of a 9-hole Beginner/Advance Course and an 18-hole Championship layout, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Our 9 hole Beginner/Refresher Course is designed to shape the beginner and reinforce the critical foundation of the advanced/mature player required in order even to have a prayer on the Championship Course. This course has been designed through the wisdom of the Beatitudes as presented during the Sermon on the Mount. Caddies are not required. In fact, when practicing, it is suggested this course be played leisurely, wisely, and alone to begin shaping and fine-tuning the vital spiritual reflexes of champions. Remember, the sole purpose of this course is to "Shape" the player and keep them focused.


Our Championship Course is made up of 18-holes over three varying layouts as follows; "The Seven Deadlies," "Fruits of the Spirit," and "Victory Corner." These holes are designed as roadmaps to playing the game of life. Caddies (accountability relationships) are a must. This layout is just too demanding, and the design deceptions are far too daunting to tackle without the assistance of a peace that passes all understanding, a sound game plan, local knowledge/wisdom, and strict accountability. Unlike the Beginner / Refresher Course, "Caddies Are A MUST.





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