As with all clubs we have “Local Rules” that govern play:


·   When life gives you a bad break...If you can't overcome the situation, use it for the betterment of another person, place or thing. There is no greater tragedy in life than allowing a life learning experience to go waste to self-pity and/or self-centeredness, deception, manipulation, etc.

·  When angry remember...Put off reacting until tomorrow when what has you angry now, especially if you’re planning to get verbal. You can always say it then. Chances are when tomorrow comes you will not need to say it.  If you do it’s your problem.  NEVER REACT!

·   When someone hurts and / or wrongs you...Look at the hurts and / or wrongs YOU have caused others.  (Visit “The ’KNOW’ Sin Zone™” if you haven't done so already to identify yours.) DO NOT minimize and score your hurts and/or wrongs against theirs. If you're being rigorously honest with yourself you will grieve for them. God will avenge. Life will square up with them. Not in your time - But when Life is ready.  Want to break par here, MASTER this one.

·   PRACTICE and ELIMINATE the word "Entitled" from your vocabulary...We are entitled to nothing in life and the faster we understand and accept this fact, the more so-called “lucky” breaks we’ll get. As Ben Hogan said, “The more I practice the luckier I seem to get.”

·   ALWAYS remain calm...When life mounts a charge, step back. Plan DON'T Project. Take one issue at a time. Don't fall victim to a gang on.


·   Speak or meet with your accountability partner/caddy regularly.

·   Get involved in an encouraging environment.

·   If you tend to be on the internal side, reaching out to someone who has a concern you are familiar with is the way to go for you.

·   Inconvenience yourself daily to increase your dependence on God. Do it even at a cost to yourself, confident God will supply your needs - and then some.

· Suicide is ALWAYS a long term solution to a short-term problem.  NO EXCEPTIONS


Follow our path, accept who you are and where you are right now, hook up with a caddy and make an immovable commitment and we will train you to find your game.



“If I Do What Most Won’t - I Will Enjoy What Most Never Will”

© Copyright 2020 The Country Club of Life
Local Rules
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