Arnold Palmer had a saying, "The road to success is always under construction."  Developing a sound and realistic game plan will be critical to your success and for developing keen spiritual reflexes to respond to what life sends your way.


The Country Club of Life Game Plan Development is made up of the following:


        Discovery Stage

         Application Stage

        Maintenance Stage


What Are We Trying To Accomplish?

         Make a searching and fearless inventory of ourselves where we identify our Key-Log and the character defects and temporal substances[1] that have metastasized from the Key-Log and have been holding us back from living a life of abundance, prosperity, hope, and joy.

        Accept that we are powerless over those character defects and temporal substances in order to arrest them.

        Establish an accountability relationship with someone of the same sex who has walked in our shoes and can be trusted beyond reproach.

        Along with our accountability we practice eliminating the more venial[2] character defects and temporal substances and blocking those that are more mortal that are standing in the way of our usefulness to God, ourselves and others decreasing our margin for error in life.

         We find our game and rhythm to life by determining then accepting what works for us and we play our game under any and all circumstances.

         We maintain our winning rhythm by living a balanced life.

         We reach out to others through our character defects and temporal substances which keeps our lives consistent and in a winning rhythm.

        We practice gratitude daily no matter what our circumstances keeping our spiritual reflexes finely tuned.

        We increase our conscious contact with God living lives of credibility and authenticity     not fanaticism.





[1] Relating to worldly or secular as opposed to spiritual,

[2] Having a lesser grip,

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Game Plan Development
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