Spiritual Reflex Conditioning 


1. We ADMIT we are powerless over them and cannot control what they're going to do. WE MUST PLAY OUR GAME. Our compulsion to control sets us up for failure since we get drawn into their game.

2. We FEARLESSLY look and own our part. This is a critical part of our overall spiritual strength training.

3. RESPOND - DONT'R REACT. Reactors run away from trouble whereas Responders run towards.

4. TURN IT OVER! "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome this world." -John 16:33

5. We "INCREASE CONSCIOUSNESS OF GOD" through; Prayer / Meditation / Reflection / Gratitude, Study (Going In) and Action (Going Out).  




The Psychology 


Maintain Perspective: Maintaining Perspective whether in sport or life is critical to handling the stress and pressure God promises us we will have in John 16:33 where He tells us, I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.  Counting your blessings daily is how a winning perspective is formed.


Stay In The Present: CS Lewis said, The Present is the point at which time touches eternity.  Both the Present and Eternity cannot be timed.  Taking this into consideration God can only be found outside of time.  Jesus told us, Not to worry about tomorrow Tomorrow will take care of itself.  Staying in the Present means we are living life not just existing.


Inner Coaching: Lee Trevino is known in golf as the incurable optimist.  During a rain delay at a tournament Trevino was leading, there was a group of golfers gathered in the locker room and another golfer was overheard saying, I cant believe how ugly Trevinos swing is?  Story has it that Jack Nicklaus said, Why bother telling him?  Hell never believe you.  Who or What has your number in life?  Is it a person, a job, or something else?  Defeated Inner Coaching comes as a result of our Perspective on life becoming skewed as our focus becomes acutely self-absorbing and we move out of Gods Presence and care.  


Mental Toughness: Whether in life or golf, our battle is not against people or circumstances, or from another competitor for that matter. The battle we all face at times goes on between our two ears. Mental toughness comes from perseverance. It is endurance combined with an incurable assurance and certainty that what we need to accomplish is going to happen. Perseverance produces a mental toughness - a grit based in gratitude and the belief that no matter what we might be facing, God promises He will always make a way. 


Believe In Your Method: Do you really know what works for you?  Is your method of living so solid that when faced with the hazards of life spiritual reflexes automatically kick in?  Have you dug it out of the dirt of those secret places in your life that we all have and for some us are so painful that they are keeping us from reaching our full potential? 


Keep It Simple: Mastering the basics in both games produces both physical and mental reflexes.  When the competitor in either game mounts its charge its because it sees an opening, and it will charge without warning.  Winners keep it simple and play both games simply and with finely tuned reflexes. 


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