The purpose of The Dennie Welsh Business & Ethics Urban/Suburban Initiative is dedication to the educational and vocational growth of at-risk children through promoting highly ethical living and excellence. This initiative will target high-risk children in the county. Some of the initiative’s components include life coaching for youth in the areas of skill development, financial basics, business basics, business development and reaching out to others who are where they were.


This initiative’s design combines the knowledge and skills of suburbia with the rigorous faith and personal transparency of the urban community. It brings Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc. to a culture that may never see their state college. In essence, it’s about rigorous honesty combined with abandoned faith leading to a degree earned from the University of The Have-Nots from which suburbia could benefit from attending a semester or two. Together they develop a unity of cultural collaboration which develops a complete people lacking in nothing.   We build upon the discipline, ethics, and excellence in Dennie Welsh’s life and upon the philosophy most high-risk families experience in parallel in the lives of suburbia, i.e., seeing one another as one, with (while not identical) multiple and interrelated life challenges. These multifaceted challenges require a comprehensive approach of excellence that recognizes and, most importantly, identifies with “haves versus have nots” lives.  The following outlines the initiatives components in more detail.

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