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From the Chairman

My precious child; I knew you before you were ever in your mother's womb. I knew the hazards that would challenge you in your life, the pain you would feel and the failures you experience. Yet, I created you anyway with a very unique purpose

For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. And, it will be your life’s experience, strength and hope that will shape my purpose for your life - providing you find the G.R.I.T.[1] to become the champion I created you to be.

This life is a tough course and there will be times when you will be tested to the limit. You may even want to give up and terminate your membership here at the club and walk away. But remember, besides always being with you, I will go before you, you just need to trust me. Nothing you have ever done or will do can ever separate you from my love and protection.

When you walk up the final hole of this life I will be there with open arms and I will say to you, “Well done my good and faithful servant. You did your best with the gifts I gave you for my glory.” Come follow me into eternal glory.

Your Heavenly Father


[1] G.R.I.T. Here at The Country Club of Life G.R.I.T. stands for Gratitude Responses Intensely to Testing.
From the Master


As you begin each daily round of life I will explode a brilliant sunrise through your window, attempting to get your attention. Unfortunately, many days you will be anxious, angry, and filled with a competitive spirit and you will never even notice the heavenly rays. Worse yet, you may complain about them being in your eyes.

Each day as I bathe you in sunshine and perfume the air with flowers and fresh cut fairways, you might be busy working toward your understanding of success, going after more money and fame, hoping to find your life’s security there.

Trying harder to get your attention, I may even shout to you in a thunderstorm, then paint a beautiful rainbow. Chances are you might complain about being inconvenienced by the rain and never see the beautiful picture I painted just for you.

Each night, I spill moonlight on your face and send a cool breeze to refresh you. As you sleep (or maybe have trouble sleeping, anxious about tomorrow, even though I have it in my complete control), I watch over you and keep you safe.

If we haven’t met, I hope we do real soon, and for those of you who I know, I want to know you more and more.

Your Brother Jesus

From the Director of Maintenance


As with most clubs, I’m just a position. In the old days, I was referred to as the “greens-keeper” but I do far more than that. No one ever sees me, but you know I’m there by the condition of the course.


Well my friend, the same holds true as I empower you to maintain your life. My job here at the club is to help manicure you into the image of your creator so others will see His Son through your life.


Each day I begin my work by turning on the sprinklers of truth, which without, you will never experience Life. However, my main focus is fighting the dis/eases that rot the fairways and greens of your homes and families. Sometimes in order to get rid of these, I have to resort to drastic measures by digging up the things of your life that are causing the rot to get to the root cause in order to produce plush growth.


Theologians refer to me as “Ruach” (Ru-ak) which means “the breath of God.” I look forward to breathing life into you and helping mold your game and become the true champion you were created to be. 


In Cleansing Truth,



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