The Grille Room is where you will find serious golfers at any club. It’s where the boasting and challenges happen. More importantly, it’s where the excuses flood the room as scorecards are revealed after a round. 

If you’ve played poorly, you have that look on your face that says: “Don’t even ask!”  So, without hesitation, we ask, “How’d you hit ‘em today?”  That’s how we take the focus off of ourselves and plant it squarely on someone else…mainly if we played poorly.  This way, we can pridefully keep our score under wraps as we use any excuse to slip out of the room.

Then there’s the guy who shot “lights-out.”  He’s just dying for someone to ask how he played. Then he can give a blow-by-blow description of the round, as he boasts in precise detail. What’s the strategy? Ignore him. Let him bust! Why give him the satisfaction?  If he brings it up, change the subject the first chance you get.  Or better yet, jump in about your best round, and stretch those highlights just a little bit to get that “one-up” on him.

No matter how you cut it, this is where the score is settled around any club.  And like it or not, you’re going to have to give some answers here because we tend to beat a situation into the ground.

Isn’t this precisely the way many of our lives go? When things are going poorly due to our prideful desperation, we focus on keeping up our facades.  We make up excuses and talk about the bad breaks life’s been dealing us as we fine-tune that ever-increasing popular spin which not only can get the focus off of us and our situations, but if we get good at it, we can hurt other people big time.  But who cares in the “If it is to be, it is up to me” generation we live in?  Besides, if I don’t look out for #1, who’s going to? 

On the other hand, how about when life seems to be dealing us all aces?  You know the times like when you hit it out of bounds in life, and you come out smelling like a rose. Then we boast with more trophies and toys, and many times we do it around someone whose life may be in the ruff, or maybe even a bit stymied at the time. We get real clever at putting down others to make ourselves feel even more significant, all to fill the emptiness in our lives, and believe it or not, it’s a vacuum only God can fill.

A famous golf joke that has been around for years goes something like this. Four golfers were sitting around a table in the grille room when the question was raised, “Do you think there is golf in heaven?”  As they were giving their opinions, (yeah right!), I mean, as they were arguing, an angel appears at the table. Upon discovering the angel, the men figured, well now we can get the answer first hand. So one of the golfers asked the angel if there was golf in heaven, when the angel answered, “You bet there is, and you’re on the first tee in the next group.”

Well, no matter how we cut it, someday the score will be settled in each of our lives, and like it or not, we’re going to have to give some answers.  Answers to why we moved the ball to improve our position, why we continually flirted with the out-of-bounds lines of right and wrong to get a slight edge, why we deceived ourselves into thinking we were in control. Finally, we’ll answer about the times we boldfaced lied and put down a four instead of a five—all to fill that emptiness inside of us.  Do you get the point?

How’d you do at your first crack playing The Country Club of Life?  Being the first time you’re playing, you probably did poorly. Face it; this course requires much local knowledge since it could be cleverly deceptive at times. Don’t be discouraged; everyone does poorly in the beginning.  Be persistent and take heed to the words of our Chairman when He tells us “He has overcome this course.”Listen to the club’s President as He tells us over and over to “Believe in me!” And finally, how many golfers blame the course superintendent after a poor round? Not here. Our Superintendent is here to breathe life into your game.

Do you know where you’re going when your eternal tee time is called?  If you don’t care, let me ask you; is there anyone you really love?  Maybe it’s your children. If so, listen up: There was a young man who lost his dad much too early. He said the only thing that keeps him going is that he knows he will see his dad again in heaven someday.  Is that reason enough to care? 

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God’s Hall of Fame

“Your name may not appear
down here in this world’s hall of fame.
In fact, you may be so unknown
that no one knows your name.
The trophies, the honors, the flashbulbs here
may pass you by,
And the neon lights of blue.
But if you love and serve the Lord
then I have news for you.
This Hall of Fame is only good
as long as time shall be.
But keep in mind God’s Hall of Fame
 is for eternity.
This crowd on Earth they soon forget
the heroes of the past.
They cheer like mad until you fall,
and that’s how long you last.
But in God’s Hall of Fame,
By just believing in His Son,
inscribed you’ll find your name.
I tell you friend I wouldn’t trade my name
no matter how small,
That’s written there beyond the stars
in that celestial hall.
For every famous name on Earth
or glory that they share,

I’d rather be an unknown here
and have my name up there.”
© Copyright 2021 The Country Club of Life
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